Litter Deodorizer

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh!

cat litter odor solutions

If you have a cat, you know your cat must have a place to potty. Good thing the invention of the litter box happened or your plants and carpeting would be their favorite choice! A litter box can be a mess and hassle, but what are the ultimatums?

Finding the best place to put the litter box and using the right smell absorbing materials is key to maintaining a fresh smelling room or home. If you are combating strong odors from your litterbox you should check to see if your need to clean the box and add new kitty litter. It’s best to see and smell inside the litter box to tell if you need to make any changes to reduce the situation.

You can control the odor with a well-vented litterbox, a natural litter option and a light sprinkle of litter deodorizer. It can be a good week of fresh-smelling litter until you realize its time for a quick cleanout. Of course, the more cats you have the more litter maintenance is required!

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