Indoor Cat Stinky Litterbox, So Why Keep Cats Indoors?

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A cat, domesticated for a home, can be a great pet to have. It does not mean that they are low maintenance like a turtle, you just have to adjust your lifestyle slightly and your cat companion will mostly get your attention when needed. Just be ready for your furry friend to find an interest in going into the big world! Now if you are tolerable of what is collected when a cat goes outdoors then this article might not be of concern. Just please hear out the benefits of keeping a cat indoors with a smell-free litter box!

Your Cat Needs You To Keep Indoors!

Firstly, please do not make a cat mask for protection! A cat can come in many variety and depending on your lifestyle, you will need to assure a cat maintains these key point of interests.

  • Your cat will do who knows what in the woods, city, or back alley.
  • This means a collection of dirt and microbes we could not imagine.
  • This also means your cat can bring in bugs, bacteria, and cat diseases.
  • When your cat is outdoors, hunting will mess up their diet and you will have to deal with the cleanup or watch out where you walk outside.
  • The hunt is also very rewarding to humans because we get to dispose of the rodents, bugs, and birds they bring in.
  • A cat that is both indoors and outdoors can become obsessed with having the option for both worlds at the same time, better build a cat door!
  • Cats can also get lost, hurt, or just lose track of time when outside!
  • Just keep your cat inside with a good diet, brushed fur, and a smell-free litter box!