Small Batch, Circular Economy Production

From start to finish, the production of Litterbiotic makes us happy. Developed and produced in beautiful Maine and New Hampshire, Litterbiotic aims to bring a healthy product within a mutually beneficial circular economy, inspired by the beauty of the land and rivers which surround us.

We are: Adam, who was the genesis of the idea behind a probiotic cat litter, and who stuck through all the ups and downs of getting a product to market.

Bernie, former Marine, master machinist and inoculant brewmaster, fine tunes and invents new processes and machines in an endless quest for purrfection. 

 Both Adam and Bernie build alliances with local Brewers and Wheat Mills in efforts to build circular economies and renewable, regenerative product-supply.

Jess, Mika, Nadja, Sylvan, and Henry help out with everything from accounting to brewing and drying, fixing machines, packing boxes, designing web-sites, editing pages and creating new logos.

Check out the work of our 15 year old, who designed our soon to be circulated new-label!


The Solution to Litterbox Odors

litter deodorizer hacks

A cat, domesticated for a home, can be a great pet. But no one loves a litter box! Letting cats go outside may seem like a great idea, but scientists have shown that “free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals annually.” That’s a lot! (


Knowing this, we’ve adapted to keeping our cats indoors. We developed Litterbiotic to help us manage litter box odors and toxic bacteria naturally and sustainably. We love our smell-free litter box !