Purrfect Your Litter Box

Get just the right balance of odor control and cat happiness. Plus, nobody wants a stinky litter box!

The cat litter box is always causing trouble. You can find that caring for the cat can be a daunting task. A cat can be sooo needy! It is only right we try our best to be tolerant of the maintenance since they offer cuteness and pest control on occasion. LAZY!

litterbox deodorizer

The best thing us cat owners should keep is a routine. The cat will be happy and your litter box will not be smelling out of control. For the year 2020, so much information is out there about what is the best choice to keeping a cat litter box clean. Luckily, this is now simplified! A routine to care for your cat is essential and can take less than 30 minutes complete. Here are 8 easy steps that will solve this mess of a cat litter box.

1. Keep your cats diet healthy and supplemental. It can be so fun to buy treats for your cat but too much can make them sick. Feed your cat simple food ingredient without drastically changing dietary habits.

2. Leave the cat litter box in an isolated area. Your cat litter box should be keep in a cool area and should not be near high traffic parts of the home.

3. Purchase cat litter that won’t over scent or create too much dust when your cat in using it.

4. Use a litter deodorizer that prevents foul odors and removes bad microbes inside the litter box once your kitty have done the deed.

5. Buy a good scoop to scoop the poop and make sure to establish a compost waste basket for your cat waste. You can scoop the poop every two to three days so that odor is keep back.

6. Play with your cat and show you care. A happy cat will produce healthier waste. If your cat is neglected and tubby, you will not have a good time cleaning out the litter box.

7. Select a litter box that contains that litter. A contained litter box will solve the dust and grit issue when your cat is scratching around to cover up their own waste.

8. Give your cat plenty of water. Your cat’s diet should be healthy but you should also make sure your cat is drinking more water when possible.

Try your best to observe what your cat needs to maintain a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and proper litter box supplies to continue being such a cool cat!