Natural Cat Litter

Safe. Natural. Effective.

All Natural

A healthy choice for pets and home. All natural ingredients! You can even compost your litter when it’s time to start a new batch!

Probiotic Formula

Decolonize your Litterbox with this probiotic formula which activates on site! Probiotic enzymes hold the key to odor control, filling your litterbox with beneficial bacteria which eat ammonia and keep odors at bay. 

Renewable Resource

Composed of natural, renewable, and repurposed wheat bran sourced from local wheat mills and breweries, our litter fits into a beneficial, circular economy even before we inoculate it with beneficial bacteria.


When you let the cat out of the bag, the bag just gets lighter! Do away with clay, heavy wood shavings and chemically induced pellets! We are small, local, and our supply chain won’t break down. We don’t take more from the earth than we give back.

Article Microbes!

Small Batch, Circular Economy Production

From start to finish, the production of Litterbiotic makes us happy. Developed and produced in beautiful Maine and New Hampshire, Litterbiotic aims to bring a healthy product within a mutually beneficial circular economy, inspired by the beauty of the land and rivers which surround us. We are: Adam, who was the genesis of the idea […]

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The Solution to Litterbox Odors

A cat, domesticated for a home, can be a great pet. But no one loves a litter box! Letting cats go outside may seem like a great idea, but scientists have shown that “free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals annually.” That’s a lot! (   Knowing this, we’ve adapted to […]

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Natural Kitty Litter

Made In Maine USA

This small-batch, locally made litterbox deodorizer removes foul odors with the help of beneficial microorganisms. Litterbiotic has none of the artificial scents that other cat litters use. Instead, the probiotics in the litter deodorizer are composed of 100% natural organisms. Our scientifically formulated, earth-friendly formula neutralizes smelly litter at its source! Brewed and dried in small batches, tested by chemists, and by the multi-cat litter boxes in our own homes, Litterbiotic is a labor of love on the part of Adam, Bernie, Jess, Mika, Henry, and Nadja. We like to say that we are saving the planet, one litter box at a time. This is how we do it:

We use discarded wheat bran from local wheat mills and breweries as the base to ferment living beneficial organisms (Lactobacillus, primarily). We then dry the ferment, bag it and ship it to your door. Unlike most cat litter and deodorizers, we leverage our most natural allies – beneficial microorganisms. Unlike many cat litters and deodorizers, we repurpose a renewable resource. You can even compost our litter safely.


Instead of the toxic, extractive production models characteristic of most industrial cat litters, we decided to imagine a world where every time your cat “eliminated” it was feeding beneficial microorganisms.  Litterbiotic cultivates beneficial microbes to consume the food supply that smelly bacteria would normally consume. By promoting beneficial microbes, we help promote the microbes you want in your litter box vs. the ones that can be harmful.

Some people say “pro-biotic” while others just say “we fight bad smells with good bacteria.” If you are looking for a fresh smelling and clean home that promotes beneficial microbes (and avoids harmful chemicals, enzymes and poisons) then you’ve come to the right place. 

"Make life a little less chaotic with Litterbiotic"

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