Natural Cat Litter

Safe. Natural. Effective.

All Natural

A healthy choice for pets. Natural ingredients 100% safe to use near children and pets. Feel free to compost your litter when you are finished using it!

Probiotic Formula

This formula activates on site! Probiotic enzymes hold the key to odor control and clumping after use for easy to manage maintenance. 

Unscented Control

Keep the litter box odor free and stay fresh longer. Absorbs unpleasant smells at the source. Trap and breakdown the odor naturally.


When you let the cat out of the bag, the bag just gets lighter! Do away with clay, heavy wood shavings or chemical induced pellets!

Article Microbes!

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Natural Kitty Litter

Made In Maine USA

This litter deodorizer product will remove the source of the smell with science. Time to get a fresh smelling, clean home without the need for harmful chemicals or overwhelming scent masking litter products. Litterbiotic offers no artificial scents that other cat litter use. Instead, the probiotics in the litter deodorizer concentrate is 100% natural organisms. Create a healthier and odor free home by using the power of Litterbiotic probiotic cat litter! This scientifically formulated, earth-friendly formula neutralizes smelly litter at it’s source! You’ll be thrilled with the results and will never have to deal with a stinky litter box again. Cat litter will eliminate odors by destroying bacteria that cause bad smelling cat box. Children, pregnant women and older members of the family will find this cat litter perfect and safe! Our solution is simple for any cat lover. This is a natural material (wheat bran) and a mix of ancient microorganisms that have coexisted with us for millennia, one such as lactobacillus acidophilus.

We are glad your furry friend can enjoy their litter without pungent odors in the air. Get rid of litter box odors at an affordable cost. Learn easy tricks that will transform your litter box woes and save money. Litterbiotic litter deodorizer is able to keep litter box smells away. Enjoy the moment without interruption of unpleasant odors.

"Make life a little less chaotic with Litterbiotic"

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