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Omg! This really works! I had been going thru several boxes of Arm and Hammer and Johnny Cat deodorizer and thought this small package could not possible do what 4 boxes of the deodorizers had not done but I was wrong. I have two cats and there is finally no litter box smell. Thank you. Please keep making this product

Brenda Z

This is great! Thank you, thank you thank you. This has made such a difference in cat box odor. I use every couple days. I am no longer embarrassed when company uses my powder room. It makes my litter last longer too! Definitely telling friends about this and I will order this again! AAA+

Kathryn K

This works so well. I have 3 cats and the smell was unbearable when they went poo. I have two large litter boxes for them. Now I don't even notice when they use the litter box. I also use Citrus Magic every time I scoop because I like the smell. Litterbiotic does a great job at neutralizing the cat box odors with or without a scented powder.

George B